Crafted by hand


It all started when...

I was 14 years old I began to spend time with my uncle Jeff Dachowski. He was a musician and it was his idea that we build a bass. He had previously taken two guitars and fastened them together with drywall screws and Spackle to make a franken double neck. So armed with the knowledge that guitars are made of wood we started cutting up some pieces in my grandfathers shop. We built a handful of instruments together. Most of them had necks from Warmoth. I went to college and Jeffs photography business took off so nothing was built for around 3 years. I spent a lot of this time learning. Forums full of people building guitars started to become a thing. I was able to game plan quite a bit on how I would go about building the next guitars during this time. After college in 2005 I began building more seriously. I was hanging drywall during the day and building guitars in my fathers shop at night and on weekends for about 6 years. In 2011 I left my job and started Zoov. I quickly got a job again that wasn't very smart. I have been building about 7 guitars a year since. My mission is simply to improve every time. Perfect or better is the goal. 

See Nick talk about shop class here -- PG-13 (language).


Carved to perfection

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