Old Meets New

The Zoov Turn is a new take on an old shape.  We don't normally like to play covers, but some songs are so iconic they've become a right of passage.  The Zoov Turn is the tip of our hat to Leo Fender and his design genius.  Each Turn features a figured top that is hand-carved to reveal a beautiful, contrasting subtop.

Ergonomic Necks

Each neck-joint is painstakingly hand carved into an ergonomic sweep to allow comfortable access to the full extended scale.


Beautiful Tops

Each one-of-a-kind top is carefully selected and combined with other woods to make your guitar look amazing, au natural. No paint necessary!

Unique Headstocks

Each headstock is designed to compliment the tone of the rest of the instrument, combining nicely with Sperzel locking tuners to create the unapologetic look of our signature headstock.




25.5" scale.  14"-18” radius.  24 jumbo frets.  Quartersawn hardwoods. (customization available)


Lace Alumitone P90 pickups.  Hipshot bridge.  Sperzel Locking Tuners.  Gator hard shell case. (customization available)