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Perfect or Better

(that’s my motto)

Every Zoov Turn is hand made by me, Nick Lacroix, in Manchester, NH. I take great pride in these unique pieces of art and you can expect every Zoov to be as close to perfect as possible.

Ergonomic Neck

Each neck-joint is painstakingly hand carved into an ergonomic sweep to allow comfortable access to the full extended scale.


Beautiful Top

Each top is one-of-a-kind and carefully selected by Nick make your guitar look and sound truly unique. No paint necessary!

Unique Headstock

Each headstock features wood choices that compliment the tone of the rest of the instrument, combining nicely with Sperzel locking tuners to create the unapologetic look of our signature headstock.


I recently began adding in progress guitars to my store, allowing you to choose your own pickups & neck radius.

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